Rules & Regulations

All exhibiting participants are obligated to acknowledge and agree to abide by all Rules & Regulations of the Exhibition.


  • Exhibitor Badges
    All exhibitors should register at the Exhibitors’ Check-In Counter on arrival at the exhibition site to collect badges and the exhibitor’s information pack.

  • Exhibitor check-in
    Exhibitor badges will be issued free of charge (up to the entitled number of badges only) for admission into the exhibition hall throughout the build-up, dismantling and show days. Badges are to be collected at Exhibitor’s check-in counter on-site from 2:00 PM 21 January 2019. Please note that Exhibitors must wear the badges at all times during the build-up, tear down and show days inside the exhibition hall.

  • Contractor Badges
    The venue, World Trade Center, requires all contract personnel to be sent to them in advance. For purpose of construction and the move-in of Exhibits, badges will be issued by the Organiser. Approved contractors and their workmen are allowed to enter the exhibition hall during the exhibition period. It is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure that the personnel working on-site during the build-up and teardown carry the relevant documentation as proof of identity, as the Venue will do random spot checks.
    NOTE: ALL personnel working inside the exhibition hall should wear badges.


  • The exhibition is open to trade and business visitors only.
  • The general public and minors below the age of 18 will not be permitted entry for security and safety reason.
  • All visitors must be properly attired, e.g. those in shorts will be refused entry into the exhibition halls.
  • Organised groups employees of manufacturing operations and government officers are welcome. Please contact the organiser in advance.
  • The organiser reserves the right to refuse entry without being required to give reasons.

Exhibitor Move-In

  • Cargoes consigned to the exhibition site should NOT arrive at the exhibition hall earlier than 21 January 2019 (the first day of the build-up period).
  • Please note that Official Freight Forwarders must be appointed for mechanical handling within the exhibition hall. Forklifts, cranes and pallet trucks from exhibitors and other forwarders will not be permitted into the exhibition hall.
  • Exhibits arriving onsite without a pre-appointed Official Freight Forwarder will be referred to an Official Freight Forwarder by the Organiser. All costs incurred will be borne by the exhibitor.
  • Exhibitors, their agents or contractors are responsible for the early installation of their heavy or large exhibits according to the move-in schedule provided by the Organiser. When stand structures are erected, it may not be possible to move-in/install heavy and large exhibits that arrive late.

Exhibitor Move-Out

  • Schedule of egress set by the Organiser shall be strictly followed; therefore, no exhibitor may bring out exhibit item without clearance from the Organiser.
  • A representative of Organiser shall be present during this period to supervise the egress.
  • The same person should be the one who brought in the items and signed on the Pass-Out portion. If not, he/she should issue a letter of authorization to his/her representative. Valid IDs of both parties must be presented to the guards-on-duty.
  • Only items supported by Pass In/Out form can be brought out.
  • No items may be left behind without clearance from the Organiser and the Venue (WTC). Standards, signboards, props, equipment and exhibit items must be move within the specified period egress. Beyond this period, removal shall be undertaken at the expense of the Organiser without assuming any responsibility of any damages of any kind.


‘Over the counter’ sales are not permitted. The Organiser reserves the right to take appropriate action as deemed necessary to stop such activities.

Promotions during the Show

Exhibitors are asked not to place stickers, signs or posters anywhere in the halls other than within their own stand and on paid advertising poster sites and billboards. Likewise, exhibitor’s representatives may not distribute brochures, invitations, etc. along gangways nor near the entrance/exits. Such activities are unfair to other exhibitors and cause inconvenience to visitors; thus, such activities are allowed only within the stand boundaries.

Power Supply and Lighting

General hall lighting will be provided in the halls. All electrical installation works from source of supply at the exhibition must be carried out solely by the Official Contractor. Exhibitors requiring different voltages, stabilizers, frequency or special connections to equipment should arrange for their own transformers, converters, boosters, etc. and keep the Organiser informed. All electrical equipment should be tested and approved by the Organiser’s appointed licensed engineers prior to turning on the electrical supply.

Supply Voltage:
3 phase 4 wire systems, 200 volts
Single-phase 2 wire system, 220 volts
Frequency: 50 Hz

Floor Loading Capacity

1,000 – 1,200 kg per m2  of concrete flooring.

Product Demonstrations & Presentations

  • The Organiser appreciates that demonstrations and presentations form an integral part of exhibitions. Exhibitors, however, should exercise discretion to other exhibitors when carrying out demonstrations and presentations.
  • In case the structure exceeding 3.5 meter in height is a manufacturer’s product, a manufacturer’s or dealer’s guarantee regarding its stability and safety is additionally required.
  • Loudspeakers/sound devices and/or image projection equipment are to be placed in such a way that sound/image is directed downwards and into the stand, and not towards or across the aisles. The operation of any sound device or image projector must not interfere with, or be an annoyance to neighboring stands. Sound levels recorded at adjacent or opposite stands should not exceed 70dB for all speech, music and sound effects.

Dangerous Materials

No exposed electrical fittings, fixture and cables are to be used in the exhibition hall at all times.

Damage to Stand Structures and Exhibition premises

  • No person under any circumstances shall cut into or through any floor covering or wall nor alter stand service structure except when authorized in writing by the Organiser. Any such damage to stand service structures and exhibition premises will be invoiced to the Exhibitor.
  • No temporary gas (LPG), explosive, petrol, dangerous gases or highly inflammable substances are allowed in the halls.
  • No radioactive substances are allowed unless prior approval in writing is obtained from the Organiser. Any radioactive substances being used must strictly comply with the rules and regulations stipulated by the relevant regulatory body.
  • No motors, engines, contrivances or power-driven machinery may be used without adequate protection against risk of fire.

Fire Exits & Regulations

Exit doors must be free from any obstructions. Hirers or its exhibitors are not allowed to block or lock any exit doors. All fire hose cabinets should not be obstructed with booths or display materials. Any items found blocking at fire exit will be deemed as rubbish and will be disposed without prior notice. All stand construction material and displays must be FIRE RETARDANT. Any goods attached to your stand will constitute as part of your stand and will be subject to these regulations.

Working Exhibits

  • Moving machinery must be fitted with safety devices when the machines are in operation. These safety devices may be removed only when the machines are disconnected from the source of power.
  • Working machines must be placed at a relatively safe distance from the audience. We strongly recommend the use of safety guards.
  • All pressure vessels or equipment under pressure must conform to the safety standards & regulations. Prior approval must be sought from the Organiser before operating such equipment.

Stand Boundaries and Design Restriction

  • All stands must be carpeted or laid with some form of flooring as clear demarcation of contracted space. Except for “island” booths (4-side open), a back wall must be installed for every stand. Stands with immediate neighbor(s) should also be provided with the necessary sidewall(s).
  • Exhibitors may not place any display material or exhibit, nor extend their stand structures and fittings, beyond their contracted boundary. The Exhibitor will be charged for any infringement of this rule, and the Organiser reserves the right to remove the infringement. Likewise, any display of programmable moving lights (cyber lights) is restricted within the perimeter of their stand. The prevailing rate for space rental on per square meter basis will be charged to exhibitors who fail to comply with the above.

Structural Height Restriction

  • The permitted stand height is 2.5m. Any design for a structure exceeding 2.5m in height must be submitted for approval at least 10 weeks prior to the exhibition and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • If approved, this structure will be restricted to a distance of 1 meter (3.28 ft.) away from the dividing walls of the adjoining stands. This restriction also applies to overhead structure suspended from the existing hall ceiling.
  • For booths in the exhibition hall, the maximum stand height allowed: 4m
  • For more than 3.5 m height structures or double deck inside the exhibition hall, plans and specifications duly signed by a registered civil or structural engineer are required.
  • No interior wall spanning more than 4.0 meters will be allowed. A minimum break of 3 meters in between walls must be strictly observed, only perimeter walls against WTC wall will be allowed to span beyond the 4.0 meters limitation.
  • No suspension is allowed from the ceiling of the exhibition hall, nor may any fixtures be attached to the floor, walls or any part of the building.
  • No part of any structure may extend beyond the boundaries of the site allocated.Exhibitors are responsible and liable for their appointed contractors in seeing to it that all rules and regulations are observed. In the event of dispute, the Organiser’s decision will be final.

Open Frontages

All stands in the exhibition, irrespective of height, must have at least half of any frontage facing an aisle left open or fitted with transparent (clear see-through) material. This area must be left visibly free of obstruction.


Smoking is only allowed in the allotted designated area outside the exhibition hall.

Hot Work Demonstrations

No naked or open flame equipment is to be used in the exhibition hall at any time.


Unless otherwise stated, animals are not allowed to be used as a stand attraction, for performance or demonstration purposes at the exhibition.

Stand Cleaning

During the exhibition days, the Organiser will be responsible for the general cleaning of standard booth, and gangways daily. During the build-up, show days and dismantling periods, exhibitors and/or appointed contractors are responsible for the removal of stand construction debris and rubbish on a daily basis. All aisles must be left clear.


  • The Organiser will not themselves be responsible for the safety of articles of any kind brought into the exhibition site by exhibitors, their servants, agents or contractors, members of the public or any person whosoever.
  • Exhibitors shall make sure that they are fully covered by insurance including, but not restricted to, all risks on their property, exhibits or articles of any kind, public liability and comprehensive protection against any loss or damage caused by any circumstance whatsoever whether by reason of fire, water, theft, accident or any other cause.
  • The period of liability of the exhibitor shall be deemed to run from the time the exhibitor or any of his servants, agents or contractors first enter the exhibition site, and to continue until all his exhibits and property have been removed.
  • The exhibitors shall insure, indemnify and hold the Organiser harmless in respect of all costs, claims, demands and expenses to which the Organiser may in any way be subject as a result of any loss or injury arising to any person (including members of the public or the Organiser's staff, agents or contractors) however caused as a result or any act or default of the exhibitor, his servants, agents or contractors or invitees.
  • If the Organiser demands, the exhibitor shall provide proof to the Organiser that the exhibitor had adequate insurance cover.
  • The Organiser shall not in any event be held responsible for any restriction or condition which prevents the construction, erection, completion, alteration or dismantling of stands, or for the entry, sitting or removal of exhibits, or for the failure of any services or amenities provided by the hall landlord, for the cancellation or part-time opening of the exhibition either as a whole or in part, or for amendments or alterations to all or any of the rules and regulations caused by circumstances not under their control.
  • Exhibitors must ensure that their temporary staff and the staff of their servants, agents or contractors are insured against claims for workman's compensation. Exhibitors must ensure that their temporary staff and the staff of their servants, agents or contractors are insured against claims for workman's compensation.