Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP)
Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP)
The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) Seminars & Workshop

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  1. Sustainable & Save Food Packaging Seminar
  2. Economic Value of Cost-Effective Packaging Seminar
  3. New Innovative Automated Packaging Systems Workshop

ProPak Philippines together with the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) bring you 3 new seminars to develop and upgrade your business.

These seminars are free-to-attend, will be conducted in English but places are limited. All seminars will take place at ProPak Philippines 2019, World Trade Center Metro Manila, Pasay City.

Seminar One: Understanding the Value of Sustainable & Safe Food Packaging to Your Business
  • 24 January 2019
  • 14.00 - 15.30 Hrs.
  • Hidalgo Room

Single-Use Plastics, changes in the global recycling and waste industry, Plastic Free Aisles, 100% Sustainable Packaging Targets and Fighting Food Waste, Product Life Extension are topics that manufacturers can no longer avoid. The world of packaging has shifted at an extremely fast-pace and this seminar will help companies to better understand how to work through the maze of demands to change packaging to meet environmental challenges. The seminar will include the Sustainability Hierarchy of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and the circular approach to packaging and the environment.

Attendees will learn how each packaging material impacts the environment and whether the use of non-renewable resources, plant-based bioplastics, compostable and recycled materials can assist their business to understand the full life of packaging.

The seminar will also discuss how over one third of the food grown for human consumption is lost or wasted between farm and fork and how developing Save Food Packaging can assist to minimise food waste. The extension of the shelf-life of foodstuffs is a critical factor not only in the production, distribution of food products but also in the expectations of the consumer. Packaging plays a vital role in the chain from the producer to the consumer.

Seminar Objectives:

  1. To provide participants an understanding of the current environmental issues that are impacting the producers of packaging and the manufacturers and retailers of packaged product.
  2. To provide participants an understanding of sustainable packaging design and the practical design guidelines and approaches required in the packaging design process including End of Life (EoL) thinking.
  3. Understanding the role of packaging in minimising loss through the supply chain and at the household level.
  4. Understanding of key packaging design criteria to minimise food loss/waste.
  5. Appreciation of the environmental life cycle profile of food, packaging and food waste
  6. To provide participants with a better view of Best Practice Examples and Case Studies of award-winning Sustainable Packaging and Save Food Packaging innovations.

Who should attend?

If you are responsible for your company’s packaging design, performance or purchase specification, then you should attend. Packaging Designers, Technologists and Engineers, anyone responsible for Environmental Strategy Development, Marketing & Sales, Graphic Designers.

Seminar Two: Understanding the Economic Value of Cost Effective Packaging
  • 25 January 2019
  • 10.00 - 11.30 Hrs.
  • Lobby in front of Hall A

Packaging plays a vital role in the chain from the producer to the consumer to protect and avoid waste. Packaging represents a significant investment in any brand with innovation and design driving improved consumer utility and function. Packaging protects and preserves its valuable contents through the supply chain delivering the product to the consumer in the state that its brand owners intended and for the optimum shelf life for consumer value as well as minimising food or product waste.

This seminar will examine the essential factors influencing shelf life, the requirements and assessment of procedures for a food products life extension. It will examine the changes that take place in food during processing and storage their impact on shelf life.

Packaging also represents a major cost to its brand owners and users of packaging remain under constant pressure from rising costs due to raw materials, energy and on-costs. Understanding what is ‘cost effective packaging’ and how to achieve it – remains the key to ensuring that your company remains competitive in today’s tough trading environment where margins are being squeezed from both ends. Maximising sales while minimising the total distribution costs reflects the techno-economic function of the packaging technologist – a function that is important for all segments of your organisation to understand.

This seminar will provide a comprehensive introduction to the economics of packaging and product value – reviewing the main drivers of packaging costs including material selection and importantly, how and what to look out for in achieving cost savings while investigating options for product shelf life extension. Covering primary and secondary packaging, this course will assist you not only with driving efficiencies across existing packaging formats but will assist in new product development.

Attendees will be able to examine the key factors in the packaging process i.e. closing and sealing, together with the use of shelf life indicators and will focus on explaining these processes relative to the packaging systems directed at extending shelf life. It will examine the merits and applications of the available systems and the assessment of shelf life.

Who should attend?

The course will be of interest to newcomers to this area of packaging, either from a packaging aspect or food science side who have a focus on minimising food waste through cost effective packaging.

Workshop: A better Understanding of the value and benefits to introducing new and innovative automated packaging systems into your business
  • 25 January 2019
  • 13.00 - 14.30 Hrs.
  • Lobby in front of Hall A

This workshop will help companies to better understand the true value of introducing innovative packaging systems, automation, semi-automation and robotics into their manufacturing processes. The seminar will also include the link between packaging materials, final finished packaging and machinery. Without a collaborative approach between all processes companies will not reap the true benefits and understanding the importance of how all of your supply chain partners need to work together to ensure that the product is Fit-For-Purpose is critical. With the global changes in moving towards sustainable materials and packaging and the shift towards new packaging materials the time is right to stop and review materials, recyclability, compatibility with machinery and even an assessment on responsible sourcing.

Before the workshop attendees will be asked to complete homework which will include a better understanding of your needs and concerns. As a part of the workshop the presenter will discuss some of the general issues and concerns in the room and invite all attendees to contribute to the discussion. In addition, the workshop attendees will be invited to walk the show floor with the presenter to see and learn about some of the new innovations in technology available to your business. A map will also be supplied of all key exhibitors that are showcasing new and exciting innovations in packaging.

Who should attend?

This course is intended for people who have a direct involvement in packaging design and packaging operations within all packaging associated industries. This includes the production, development, technology, purchasing, sales, QA/QC, marketing, regulatory and development functions.

Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), Ralph Moyle FAIP, ProPak Philippines

Seminars & Workshop Presenter will be: Ralph Moyle FAIP, CPP, Education Coordinator, Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) is an experienced food-packaging consultant with 40 years in the food processing industry and 20 year’s focused on packaging. Through a unique range of senior management experiences in Packaging, Operations, Technical and Quality Assurance in large and medium FMCG businesses, Ralph has brought increased value to many organisations through the value of smarter packaging at less waste. The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP); the peak professional body for training and education will provide an interactive and informative workshop for all the attendees.

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